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oh no! [Apr. 14th, 2004|06:02 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]

Our story starts when a dead cat was found under the house... apparently no bugs got to the cat because he has been mummified.

The cat has lovingly been dubbed "skeletor" that's right boys and girls... skeletor

Even though skeletor may be a dead animal it doesn't mean that he can't sit with the family all prim and proper to have a nice meal in the kitchen.

See? He’s chewing on chicken nuggets like a champ. You’re the man skeletor. You’re the man.

Jesus was a cock fondling animal rapist necrofeliac...

So... skeletor decided to destroy your messiah. Bye bye jesus.

After killing Jesus skeletor knew he had to get the fuck out of dodge so he hopped in the rx7 with plans to hide out in mexico

Drats! The car won't move! Skeletor quickly hops out to take care of business.

Like a good boy skeletor quickly replaces the rear end of the rx7 and he's off on his way!

Now that skeletor is in Mexico he becomes a mariachi and decides to lay low for a while.

skeletor, being home sick, decides to paint the car and risk coming back to America (still under the disguise as a mariachi)